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BlackBerry UEM
 log files

The size of the log files varies depending on the number of users and devices in your 
BlackBerry UEM
 environment and their level of activity. If you have 
BlackBerry UEM
 installed in an on-premises environment, it is a best practice to monitor and control the amount of disk space used by the log files. To prevent them from taking up too much disk space, you can specify a maximum file size and debug level for the log files. The features for managing log files are not available in 
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
You can configure logging settings at the following levels:
  • Global logging settings: These settings apply to all the 
    BlackBerry UEM
     instances in your organization that share the same database. These settings include the destination of the syslog messages and the maximum size for the log files. 
  • Per-user logging settings: These settings allow you to enable payload logging for individual user accounts for a specified length of time for troubleshooting purposes. 
  • Instance logging settings: These settings apply only to the 
    BlackBerry UEM
     instance you select and override global settings. These settings include enabling the option of a local location for log files and the log file logging level.