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Publish the 
 app to users

When you publish the 
 app, you publish it for all users in a group. The "Feature - Docs Service Entitlement - ALL" enables the 
 button in the 
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
. You should create separate groups and assign the apps and features to the groups as required instead of the Everyone group. When the "Feature - Docs Service Entitlement - ALL" is assigned to users, the minimum license required is 
BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite - Collaboration Edition
for each user that it is assigned to. For more information about licenses, see the Licensing content.  
  1. In 
    Good Control
    , under 
    , click 
    App Groups
  2. Beside the group that you want to assign the entitlement to, click The Edit icon.
  3. Click the 
  4. Beside 
    Entitled enterprise apps
    , click The Add More icon.
  5. Select the 
    Feature - Docs Service Entitlement - ALL
  6. Click