Add users and user groups to repositories and list definitions Skip Navigation

Add users and user groups to repositories
 and list definitions

You must add 
Microsoft Active Directory
 users and groups to a repository definition or a list definition before you can configure access permissions. Users and groups that are added automatically receive the default access permissions. 
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server Dashboard
    , under 
    BlackBerry Services Configuration
    , click 
  2. Click 
  3. On the 
    Repositories Configuration
     page, click the 
    Admin defined
  4. Click a repository or list. 
  5. Under 
    Access permissions
    , click 
    Add users/groups
  6. In the 
    Search In
     field, enter a new domain or keep the default domain.
  7. Select 
  8. In the 
    Search for Users in Active Directory
     field, type a full or partial search string. Click 
  9. In the search results, select one or more entries. 
  10. Optionally, select the 
    Use Different Credentials
     checkbox and enter a username and password to configure a different username and password for accessing this repository by these users.
  11. Click 
  12. Click 
Grant user and user groups access permissions.