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Syslog consumption

data from the log activities not populating.
  1. Ensure searches are filtered by Log Source Type of
    and/or Log Source of CylanceRemoteSyslog.
  2. Ensure the CylanceRemoteSyslog Log Source is configured following syslog configuration.
  3. Ensure proper network configuration.
    • Click
      Test Connection
      hyperlink in the
      tenant. You should see Test Connection Successful.
    • Ensure port is open to receive syslog data. For example, assuming 6514 is being used,
      netstat - an | grep 6514
    • Ensure no network or host firewalls are blocking traffic. Layer 7 firewalls may need to be told to expect TLS/SSL traffic.
      • Use a packet sniffer such as Wireshark to verify the connection is made and data is passed.
      • Inspect QRadar error logs in
        to look for any TLS and/or network related messages.