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Specify Device

When interacting with a device, you must identify the device and select it.
  1. In QRadar, select
  2. Select
  3. For Device Identity, enter information about the device.
    The device information must match the Identity Type.
    For IP addresses, you can use "*" as a wildcard.
  4. For Identity Type, select an identity type.
    This is the DNS hostname for the device.
    While the hostname and device name may match, these are separate and can be different. The hostname is created by the operating system, while the device name can be changed in the
    console or API.
    MAC Address
    This is the MAC address for the device.
    Cylance UUID
    This is the unique identifier for the device, assigned by the console when the device registered.
    IP Address
    This is the IP address for the device.
  5. Click
    This generates a list of devices for Threat Remediation, Exploits Info, and Config & Misc.