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Exploits Information

Use exploit information to see exploit events on a device.
If the exploits info device list is empty, you must specify a device first.
Pie chart
This pie chart shows the exploit events found on the device and the percentage of occurrences for each event type.
Event Id
This is the unique ID for an exploit event occurrence on the device.
Artifact Name
This is the file name and path associated with the event.
Artifact SHA256 Hash
This is the SHA256 hash for the file.
Click on any of the table rows to get more information about the exploit.
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Created On
The date and time the memory protection event was created
The path and the name of the file that triggered the event
File Hash ID
The SHA256 hash for the threat
File Version
The version number of the file that triggered the event
DLL Version
The agent version that identified the memory protection event
Process ID
The process ID for the memory protection event
OS Security ID
The security identifier for the user, group, or other security principal; this is generated by the operating system
User Name
The name of the user who was logged in to the device when the memory protection event occurred
The groups the user belongs to