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CylanceOPTICS detection event details

The CylanceOPTICS detection event details provides the following information.
The name of the event
The severity level of the event
Detection started
The date and time the detection started collecting data for the event
Detection occurred
The date and time the detection event occurred
Detection received
The date and time the detection event was sent to the console
Instigating process
The process that triggered the detection
Target object
The object targeted by the instigating process
Rule name
The name of the rule that triggered the detection
Rule category
The category the rule belongs to
Rule description
The description for the rule
Rule policy group
The ruleset the rule belongs to
The product feature that detected the event
Device ID (Impacted)
The unique console ID for the device
Logged on users
A list of logged on users on the impacted device
Applied exceptions
A list of exceptions applied to the detection event
Associated artifacts
The JSON content of the detection rule
The JSON content for the sensor of the rule
The JSON of any actions taken by the rule