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Unify communication processes and tools for improved productivity

  • Take control of user messaging:
     Effective device management requires 
     administrators to communicate with the users they manage. With 
    UEM Notifications
    , administrators can manage devices and notifications within their 
    , eliminating the need to manage and reconcile user contact information across multiple systems as well as external system access issues. Managing user messaging from a single solution empowers administrators with more control and improves their productivity.
  • Replace email blasts with messages that users will actually read:
     When email is used as the main tool to notify users, messages can easily get lost, overlooked, or ignored, reducing their effectiveness. This leads to increased support calls, raising your costs and hampering productivity. With flexible delivery options such as Text-To-Speech voice calls, SMS, and email, employees get alerts via their preferred channel, increasing the likelihood of action and compliance.
  • Trust that users will receive and view your notifications:
     Common communications channels lack an easy way to track and store the status and history of messages, forcing administrators to reconcile against external notification systems. With 
    UEM Notifications
    ’ FedRAMP-authorized delivery services, you can rest easy knowing the messages sent reach their intended destination. 
    UEM Notifications
     features a comprehensive report of all sent messages and their statuses.