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Enable directory-linked groups

You can link groups in
BlackBerry UEM
to groups in your company directory to organize users in
the same way that they are organized in the directory, and to simplify the assignment and management of IT policies, profiles, and apps for users. For more information, see Creating and managing user groups in the Administration content.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Settings > External integration > Company directory
  2. Click a company directory connection.
  3. On the
    Sync settings
    tab, select the
    Enable directory-linked groups
    check box.
  4. If you want to force the synchronization of company directory groups, select the
    Force synchronization
    check box.
    If enabled, when a group is removed from the company directory, the links to that group are removed from directory-linked groups and onboarding directory groups. If all of the company directory groups associated with a directory-linked group are removed, the directory-linked group is converted to a local group.
  5. In the
    Sync limit
    field, type the maximum number of changes that each synchronization process can complete.
    If the number of changes to be synchronized exceeds the synchronization limit, you can prevent the synchronization process from running.
    determines a total of the following changes: users to add to groups, users to remove from groups, users to be onboarded, and users to be offboarded.
  6. In the
    Maximum nesting level of directory groups
    field, type the number of nested levels to synchronize for company directory groups.
  7. Click