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Connecting to your company directories

You can connect
BlackBerry UEM
to your organization's company directory to take advantage of the following features:
  • You can create user accounts in
    using user data from the directory, and
    can authenticate administrators for the management console and users for
    BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
  • You can link company directory groups with
    groups to organize users in the same way that they are organized in your company directory, and to simplify the assignment and management of IT policies, profiles, and apps for users. These are called directory-linked groups.
  • You can enable onboarding for specific groups in your company directory to create
    users automatically. These are called onboarding directory groups. When you add new users to these directory groups, new user accounts are created for these users in
    . If you enable onboarding, you can also configure offboarding to delete device data and
    user accounts when users are disabled or removed from the company directory.
If you do not connect
to a company directory, you can manually create local user accounts and authenticate administrators using default authentication.