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Adding or changing an app configuration

App configurations allow you to preconfigure certain app settings before you assign apps to users. By preconfiguring app settings, you can make it easier for users to download, set up, and use the apps. For example, many apps require users to type a URL, an email address, or other information before they can use the app. By adding an app configuration, you can configure some of these settings in advance. You can create multiple app configurations for an app with different settings for different purposes, and rank the configurations. If an app is assigned to a user more than once with different app configurations, the app with the highest rank is applied.
BlackBerry UEM
, you can create an app configuration for the following apps:
BlackBerry UEM
also supports
OEMConfig apps, which allow you to use app configurations to manage device manufacturer APIs.
For information about app settings, contact the app vendor.
For more information about app configuration, visit