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Create an administrator for the
Windows Store
for Business

To manage
Windows 10
apps on devices, you must create an app catalog in the
Windows Store
for Business and synchronize the apps with
BlackBerry UEM
. To create the catalog in the
Windows Store
for Business, you must create at least one administrator account to log in to the store.
  1. In the
    Microsoft Azure
    portal, go to
    Microsoft Azure > Azure Active Directory > Users and groups > All users
  2. Click
    Add a user
  3. On the screen, enter the required user information.
  4. Click the arrow next to
    Directory role
    and select
    Global administrator
    , then click
  5. Create a password or select
    Show Password
    and copy the generated password.
  6. Click
  7. Click
    Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > All applications
    and select the enterprise application you created.
  8. Add the global administrator account you created as a user of the application.