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System tray menu

The following options are available in the System Tray Menu section:
  • Display System tray icon
    The system tray icon (The Globe icon) is the globe icon that appears in the system tray when the desktop app is running. Enable this option to show the icon.
  • Available Menu Items
    Manage Menu Items
    to open the Desktop App Menu Items window. From this screen, you can add or edit a desktop tray menu item. When you add a menu item, note the ID that is displayed.
  • Menu Configuration
    The XML in the Menu Configuration field creates the exact representation of the desktop menu items that are seen by an end user. Menu items have this format:
    <Item Id="8009" Type="Link"/>
    where Id is the service ID. You can see the list of services in the Desktop App Menu manager. There are two item types: Separator and Link. Separators add a line in the menu that is used to separate groups of items.
    Addition or removal of a menu item is picked up by desktop apps at the next Check Update.
    See System tray menu for more information about System Tray menu items.