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View alert template details

View the details of an alert template to determine the name and description of the template.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Alert Templates
    . The Alert Templates page displays alert template names, folders, the last updated on date and time, and the next occurrence (for recurring alert templates.)
  2. Optionally, hover your cursor over the name of an alert template. A pop-up window appears, displaying the following template details: Name, Description, Alert Title, Alert Body, and Last Published date and time.
  3. To open the details page, click the name of the alert template.
    A template details screen appears, displaying information about the template grouped into the following sections:
    • Alert Template
      : Displays the name and description of the alert template, the folder where the alert template is stored, and the Available for Quick Publish and Available for mobile publishing options.
    • Content
      : Displays the severity, type, title, and body for any alert that will be created from the template. Optionally can contain links to additional information or attachments related to the template, a geographic location for the template, and response options for any alert generated from the template.
    • Target Users
      : Displays a summary of the users who will be targeted by any alert created from the template. If dependents are enabled for your organization and in the alert template, the Target Users section displays separate tabs for Sponsors and Dependents. The selected personal devices are displayed. If device delivery preference is enabled for your organization, it is displayed with either the Organization defined, System defined, or User preferred option. When the Organization defined option is displayed, phone group prioritization is not available.
    • Target Organizations
      : Displays each organization that will be targeted by any alert created from the template. Available only if enabled for your organization.
    • Mass Devices
      : Displays the mass devices that will be used to broadcast any alert created from the template. Only available in English-language alert templates.
    • Schedule
      : Displays the start and end dates and duration for any alert created from the template. If relevant, also displays the recurrence settings for the template.
    • Info
      : Displays the name of the person who created the template, the name of the last person to update the template, and the dates the template was created and updated. Depending on your system configuration, it might also contain the Common Name and template ID number.