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Use system placeholders for alert template content

The alert template can contain predefined system placeholders in the title or body of the alert. The placeholders are replaced automatically with the appropriate values when the alert is published.
System placeholders can also be added during alert publishing. Alert placeholders can only be added to alert templates.
The following fields in the Content section of an alert template support placeholders:
  • Alert title
  • Alert body
  • Response options
Placeholders can be used in custom text in targeted device options.
The following default system placeholders are available:
  • OperatorFullName
  • SystemName
  • OrganizationID
  • OrganizationName
  • Timezone
  • PublishDate
  • PublishTime
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Alert Templates
  2. Click an existing alert template to open an editable details screen or
    to create a new alert template.
  3. In the
    section, click The Expand icon in the
    , or
    Response Options: Enter Response Text
  4. Select the appropriate alert placeholder option for the alert template.
    Double brackets [[ ]] around the alert placeholder name in the selected field indicate that you have added the alert placeholder correctly.
An operator can then select the correct alert placeholder values when preparing to publish an alert.