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Add custom placeholders for alert template content

This topic explains how to insert alert placeholders, not how to create or import them. For details on those tasks, see Create custom placeholders for alert templates and Import alert placeholder values.
You can add alert placeholders to the following Content sections of an alert template:
  • Alert Title field
  • Alert Body field
  • Response Options text field
  • Custom text within Targeted Devices (Available only to Enterprise Administrators and Organization Administrators.) This option can be specified for an enabled device that has a Custom Text option.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Alert Templates
  2. Click an existing alert template to open an editable details screen or
    to create a new template.
  3. In the
    section, click The Expand icon in the
    , and
    Response Options: Response Text
  4. Select the appropriate alert placeholder option for the alert template from the list.
    Double brackets [[ ]] around the alert placeholder name in the selected field indicate that you have added the alert placeholder correctly.
  5. Click
    Preview and Save
  6. On the preview screen, review the template content
  7. Click
An operator must then select the correct alert placeholder values when preparing to publish the alert. If a default placeholder value was selected, it will appear in the alert template. If no default value  was selected, the operator must select a value before they can publish the alert.