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Access the Alert Templates screen

Only Advanced Alert Managers and administrators can access the Alert Templates screen.
To access the Alert Templates screen, in the navigation bar, click
Alert Templates
The following columns are displayed in the list:
  • Checkbox
    : Displays a check box beside the alert templates that can be duplicated or deleted. System templates, such as the [New Alert Template] and the Incoming Connect Alert, cannot be duplicated or deleted, so no check boxes appear beside their names.
  • Alert Template Name
    : Displays the alert template names, sorted alphabetically.
  • Folder
    : Displays the name of the alert folder that contains the alert template.
  • Organization
    : Displays the name of the organization that created and owns the alert template.
  • Updated On
    : Displays the date and time the alert template was last updated on.
  • Next Occurrence
    : Displays the next scheduled date/time for an alert related to a recurring alert template.
You can click the column headers to sort the list.
On the
Alert Templates
screen, click
to create a new template. If a template has a check box beside its name, you can select it and use the
More Actions
list to duplicate, delete, or export it as needed.