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Import or export an alert template

Operators can import and export alert templates. You can import or export multiple alert templates at the same time. An alert template can be exported from one organization and imported to another organization. Import and export files are JSON text files.
Content in the Alert Template and Content sections of an alert template are included in imports and exports, including location data, custom placeholders, response options, attachments, and translation languages. Alert template settings related to the Content and Alert Template sections are included in imports and exports. The Target Users, Target Organizations, Mass Devices, and Schedule sections are not included.
Imported templates are added to the System Default folder. When an alert template is imported, it is in a Not Ready state until edited by an operator.
All alert template imports and exports are captured in the operator audit trail.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Alert Templates
  2. On the
    Alert Templates
    screen, select one or more alert templates.
  3. Click
    More Actions
    and do one of the following:
    • Click
      . On the
      Import Alert Template
      screen, click
      and then browse to and select a JSON file on your computer. You can select a previously exported alert template or click
      Download a template file
      to download a JSON file and update it with details. Click
    • Click
      and then on the
      Export Alert Templates
      dialog, click
      . A JSON file downloads to your computer.