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Create an Access Point Name profile for

An APN specifies the information a mobile device needs to connect to a carrier's network. You can use one or more Access Point Name profiles to send APNs for carriers to your users'
devices. Access Point Name profiles are supported by devices with
Work space only
activations or with
Work and personal - full control
Devices usually have APNs preset for common carriers. Users can also add new APNs to a device. If you want to force a device to use an APN sent to it by an Access Point Name profile, select the "Force device to use Access Point Name profile settings" check box in the IT policy rule.
Obtain all of the necessary APN settings from your carrier.
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Policies and Profiles > Networks and connections > Access Point Name
  2. Click The Add icon.
  3. Type a name and description for the profile. This information is displayed on devices.
  4. In the
    Access Point Name
    field, type the access point name.
  5. Specify the values that match the carrier's specifications for each profile setting.
    For more information, see Access Point Name profile settings.
  6. Click
Assign the Access Point Name profile to user accounts, user groups, or device groups.