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Create a user credential profile to connect to your
BlackBerry Dynamics
PKI connector

  1. On the menu bar, click
    Policies and profiles > Certificates > User credential
  2. Click The Add icon.
  3. Type a name and description for the profile.
  4. In the
    Certificate authority connection
    drop-down list, click the
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    PKI connection that you configured.
  5. If the user must provide a password to request a certificate, select
    Require user-entered password or OTP
  6. If you want to allow the device to automatically request a new certificate before the current certificate expires, select
    Enable certificate renewal
    and specify the number of days prior to expiry that devices request a new certificate.
  7. If you want the device to delete expired certificates, select the
    Delete expired certificate
    check box.
  8. If you want the device to delete duplicate certificates, select the
    Remove duplicate certificate
    check box.
  9. Click
  • To allow
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    apps to use certificates, on the menu bar, click
    . Click the
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    app that you want to change, then on the
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics
    tab, select the
    Allow BlackBerry Dynamics apps to use user certificates SCEP profiles, and user credential profiles
  • Assign the profile to user accounts and user groups.
  • If you update the PKI connector, click
    Refresh PKI capabilities
    to update the supported PKI features for the profile.
  • If you want to renew the certificates that are enrolled though the PKI connector, click
    Refresh PKI capabilities > Renew
    to command all BlackBerry Dynamics enabled devices that are assigned the profile to request certificate renewal.