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Managing work connections using profiles

You can use profiles to set up and manage work connections for devices in your organization. Work connections define how devices connect to work resources in your organization's environment, such as mail servers, proxy servers,
networks, and VPNs. You can specify settings for
, and
Windows 10
devices in the same profile and then assign the profile to user accounts, user groups, or device groups.
Some work connection profiles can include one or more associated profiles. When you specify an associated profile, you link an existing profile to a work connection profile, and devices must use the associated profile when they use the work connection profile. For example, you can associate certificate profiles and proxy profiles with various work connection profiles. You should create profiles in the following order:
  1. Certificate profiles
  2. Proxy profiles
  3. Work connection profiles such as email, VPN, and
For example, if you create a
profile first, you cannot associate a proxy profile with the
profile when you create it. After you create a proxy profile, you must change the
profile to associate the proxy profile with it.