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Preauthenticate your device

If your administrator has configured 
BlackBerry 2FA
 for your device, you can request preauthentication from the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
. Preauthentication allows you to access work resources for a predetermined period without being prompted for confirmation or a password on your device. You can use the preauthentication feature when you know you won't have access to your device, when you know you will be out of mobile coverage, or when you are only able to connect one device to a wireless network or hotspot. For example, if you can only connect one device to a network at a time, you can preauthenticate on your mobile device, and then log in to your work resources from the other device.
You can also preauthenticate your device from the 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
 console. For more information about using 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
see the 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
 user guide
  1. On the 
    BlackBerry UEM Client
     home screen, swipe to the 
  2. Tap 
    Request preauthentication
  3. Enter the number of hours that you want to be preauthenticated for. Your administrator specifies the maximum number of hours that you can preauthenticate for. 
  4. Tap 
    A confirmation screen displays the expiration date and time of preauthentication.
  5. Tap