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About device compliance

You can tap the compliance status on the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
 home screen to view the compliance report. The compliance report lists the policies that your organization is enforcing on your device.
If your device is out of compliance, and the compliance issue is not resolved before the date displayed in the compliance report, your administrator may restrict or block your device from accessing work resources and networks. If you do not know how to resolve the issue, contact your administrator.
Here are some compliance policies that your organization may enforce: 
  • Rooted or jailbroken status:
     If your device is rooted, it means that you or someone else ran software or performed an action on the device that allows root access to the operating system of the device. You or your administrator might have to remove the rooting software from the device or perform some actions on the device to restore the device to the default state.
  • Password:
     The password on your device must meet the complexity requirements that your organization specifies.
  • Device model: 
    Your organization might allow only specific device models to be activated for work. You must use a device that meets the security requirements for your organization.
  • OS version: 
    Your organization might allow only devices that are running specific versions of 
    Android OS
     to be activated for work. 
  • Security patch level: 
    Security patches are distributed by your device manufacturer and can be found when you check for system updates on your device. Install the latest security patch available for your device model.
  • Device out of contact: 
    A device is out of contact if 
    BlackBerry UEM
     cannot contact it after a specific length of time. For example, your device might become out of contact if it does not have a network connection.  
  • Required work apps installed:
     The required apps that your organization wants you to install on your device are displayed on the Assigned work apps screen. Your administrator can detect when required apps are not installed and may restrict your access to work data if the required apps are not installed. If a work app has an update available, you should install it on your device.
  • Nonassigned or restricted apps installed:
     If you installed an app on your device that is not a required app or an optional app assigned to you for work purposes, you need to remove the app from your device. Any restricted apps will need to be removed from your device.