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Use a One-Time Password

If your administrator has configured 
BlackBerry 2FA
 for your device and has enabled the One-Time Password feature for your device, you can use the One-Time Password that appears in the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
 when you log in to access your organization’s resources. You enter the One-Time Password together with your username or directory password. You can use a One-Time Password when your device cannot receive confirmation prompts because it doesn’t have sufficient network connectivity. 
  1. On the 
    BlackBerry UEM Client
     home screen, swipe to the 
    One-Time Password
  2. Make note of the One-Time Password. Each One-Time Password expires after 30 seconds.
  3. On the computer or device that you’re trying to access work resources from, do one of the following:
    • In the 
       field, enter your username, a comma (,), then the One-Time Password. Only a comma (no spaces) separates your username and One-Time Password. For example, if your username is "janedoe" and the One-Time Password is "555123", type “janedoe,555123”. 
    • In the 
       field, enter the One-Time Password in front of your directory password (without spaces or characters separating them). For example, if the One-Time Password is “123456” and your directory password is “qweRTY”, type “123456qweRTY”.