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Install or update work apps

If a required app is not installed, your administrator may restrict or remove access to work data. Optional apps are apps that your administrator recommends, but you are not required to install them on your device.
When you download a required app or an optional app that you use for work purposes, you might have to pay for the app and then reclaim the cost from your organization.
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry UEM Client
     app, tap 
    Work apps
    . If there is no Work apps tab, go to your device's home screen and open the 
    Work apps
  2.  Do one of the following:
    • To install work apps, tap the 
       tab and install all required apps, then tap the 
       tab and install any optional apps that you want.
    • To update work apps, tap the 
       tab and tap 
       beside each app that you want to update.