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to scan files from the command-line

provides a command-line option instead of the
  1. Open a command prompt, then navigate to the directory containing the CylanceVCL.exe file.
  2. Type CylanceVCL.exe -h, then press Enter to see the command-line options.
  3. Type CylanceVCL.exe -k <key> -p c:\test -T 2, then press Enter. You must crate the c:\test folder before you can scan it. You can replace c:\test with any folder you want to scan.
  4. When the scan completes, a .csv file is created in the same folder as the CylanceVCL.exe file. The .csv file has the date and time the scan completed in the file name. For example, CylanceV2_2020_11_30T23_30_30Z.csv.