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To download CylanceV, visit myAccount.
's award winning next generation anti-malware product utilizes the
cloud. The
cloud collects threat data, trains and learns from that threat data, and calculates likely outcomes based on what it sees. The
cloud is constantly getting smarter from environmental feedback and a constant stream of new data from all around the world.
Interaction with the
cloud is done using the CylanceV product and is offered in a cloud and local version, with deployment options ranging from an easy to use GUI, CLI, or custom API integration.
CylanceV gives you the power to apply algorithmic science and machine learning techniques to hunt down threats across your organization or on a single compromised system at the click of a button. CylanceV utilizes REST SSL API integration to the
cloud's intelligent cyber security decision-making platform.
CylanceV enables the enhanced assessment of files and data objects that may be threats to your organization by providing:
  • On-demand scanning of directories or drives
  • Automated scanning of drives or directories for changed or new files
  • Visibility inside archived files, including encrypted archives
  • Validation of signed files to assess potential compromise
CylanceV and VCL are threat analysis tools, not protection tools. The purpose of CylanceV is to identify threats. To take action upon those threats, like quarantine, and protect your devices, use
CylancePROTECT Desktop
CylanceV scans for signed files, executable files, and documents. These include:
  • PE (portable executable)
  • ELF
  • OLE
  • Mach-O
  • PDF
  • ZIP