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What is
Cylance Endpoint Security

A visual overview of the components of Cylance Endpoint Security.
Cylance Endpoint Security
provides a unified endpoint security solution that is designed for the new reality. It consolidates the best available AI-driven tools to detect, protect against, and remediate threats on every endpoint. Today’s cyber criminals use artificial intelligence (AI) to create increasingly advanced threats that maximize the reach and impact of their attacks. Today’s solutions must also take advantage of the power of machine learning and AI.
Cylance Endpoint Security
provides an AI-powered solution for Zero Trust across the spectrum of devices, networks, apps, and people.
The Zero Trust approach modernizes network security while simultaneously enhancing and improving the network experience for end users. The Zero Trust security model trusts nothing and no one by default, including users inside the work network. Every user, endpoint, and network is assumed to be potentially hostile. In Zero Trust security, no user can access anything until they prove who they are, that their access is authorized, that the network they are connected to is not compromised, and that they, or malware hiding on their device, are not acting maliciously.