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Managing licenses for devices

Licenses control the number of devices that your organization can activate with
BlackBerry UEM
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
. Some licenses also give your users access to other
software such as
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
BlackBerry 2FA
, and
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps. On the Licensing summary page in the management console, you can:
  • View license information for each license type
  • Monitor licensing status and review warnings or errors
  • Identify and correct license compliance issues
For more information on available licenses, see the Licensing content.
To manage licenses in
, the administrator account that you use must be assigned a role with the appropriate permissions.
administrators require the following permissions:
  • View licensing summary
  • Edit licensing settings
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
administrators require only the View licensing summary permission.
The preconfigured roles in
have different permissions turned on by default. The Security Administrator role and the Enterprise Administrator role have licensing permissions.