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Export a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app report to a CSV file

BlackBerry UEM
BlackBerry Dynamics
are integrated, you can export
BlackBerry Dynamics
app activity or compliance-violation data from the management console. You can use this information to take action on inappropriate or suspicious activity. App activity reports include app activity data for each
BlackBerry Dynamics
app (for example, app version information, activation date, and the last contact with the server). Compliance-violation reports include compliance-violation data for each app (for example, the policy rules that were violated and when the violation occurred).
If you export a report from
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
, each report has a limit of 5000 records. In an on-premises environment, the default number of records is 5000. You can change the limit in the BlackBerry Dynamics global properties.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics > Reporting
  2. In the
    Export data to .csv
    section, select the type of report that you want to export:
    • BlackBerry Dynamics app activity
    • BlackBerry Dynamics app compliance violations
  3. Click