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Export an app deployment report to an HTML file

You can export app deployment reports for apps, including BlackBerry Dynamics apps,  to an .html file from the Apps screen in the management console. The report includes information about apps deployed by
BlackBerry UEM
and the users that currently have the apps installed on their devices. For example, you can find device information about all users that have a specific app, including the device ID, model, OS version, and installation status.
You can choose the apps that you want to include in a report. Each app that you choose to include in the report is given a separate section listing its app version information and the device information for each user that has the app installed.
devices with the
User privacy
activation type, the report lists all devices that the app has been assigned to.
BlackBerry UEM
can't confirm if the app is still installed on the device when the report is generated.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Apps > Apps
  2. For each app that you want to include in the report, select the check box beside the app. To select all apps, select the check box at the top of the apps list.
  3. Click The Export icon.