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Log file levels

This level specifies information that is valuable for debugging coding issues. Events can include the following:
  • States of suspect resources in error conditions
  • Transitions between internal and external components
  • REST requests to the 
    BlackBerry UEM Core
  • Requests to 
    Microsoft Active Directory
This level specifies an error condition that requires you or a support specialist to take action. Events can include the following:
  • Encoding exceptions
  • Data level exceptions
  • Recoverable coding exceptions
This level specifies normal system events that administrators or support specialists might want to see.
This level is the default log level for 
BlackBerry UEM
This level can indicate a warning condition, that action might be required, or an unexpected event might have occurred. Events can include the following:
  • Inconsistent data
  • Unexpected requests
  • Authorization failures
  • Authentication failures