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Logging phone call and SMS/MMS activity

You can log and review phone call and SMS/MMS activity for
devices with the Work space only (Premium) activation type.
BlackBerry UEM
stores separate .csv log files for both phone calls and SMS/MMS.
names the log files
<server_name>_<component_identifier>_<event_definition_version>_<yyyymmdd>_<log_number>.<file extension>
(for example, BBServer01_phone_1.0_20160730_0001.csv).
In an on-premises environment, the default log file location is:
<drive>:\Program Files\BlackBerry\UEM\Logs\device_logs\
<date or folder name>
. In a
UEM Cloud
environment the
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
stores the log files. The default location is:
<drive>:\Program Files\BlackBerry Connectivity Node\Logs\Device Logs