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Commands for

View device report
This command displays detailed information about a device. You can export and save the device report.
View device actions
This command displays any actions that are in progress on a device.
Lock desktop
This command allows you to set a PIN and lock the device.
Delete only work data
This command deletes work data, including the IT policy, profiles, apps, and certificates that are on the device, and optionally, deletes the device from
BlackBerry UEM
Delete all device data
This command deletes all user information and app data from the device. It returns the device to factory defaults, locks the device with a PIN that you set, and optionally, deletes the device from
Update desktop data
This command sends and receives updated device information. For example, you can send newly updated IT policy rules or profiles to a device, and receive updated information about a device such as OS version or battery level.
Remove device
This command removes the device from
. The device may continue to receive email and other work data.