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Create a template for compliance notifications

When a user's device does not comply with the requirements that you have configured in an assigned compliance profile,
BlackBerry UEM
can send a personalized email message to the user based on a specified template.
includes a default compliance violation email template that can be edited, but not deleted. If you don't assign a different template to a user account,
uses the default template.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Settings > General settings > Templates
  2. Click The Add icon >
    Compliance violation
  3. In the
    field, type a name for the template.
  4. In the
    field, type a subject for the message.
  5. In the
    field, type the body text of the compliance email message.
    Use the HTML editor to customize formatting, insert images (for example, a corporate logo), and so on. You can insert variables to personalize portions of the email. See Using variables in profiles, emails, and notifications.
  6. Click
For more information about device compliance, see Enforcing compliance rules for devices.