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Sending commands to users and devices

You can send various commands to manage user accounts and devices. The list of commands that are available depends on the device type and activation type. You can send commands to a specific user or device, or you can send commands to multiple users and devices using bulk commands.
For example, you can use commands in the following circumstances:
  • If a device is temporarily misplaced, you can send a command to lock the device or delete work data from the device.
  • If you want to redistribute a device to another user, you can send a command to delete all data from the device.
  • When an employee leaves your organization, you can send a command to the user's personal device to delete only the work data.
  • If a user forgets their work space password, you can send a command to reset the work space password.
  • For users with supervised DEP devices, you can send a command to trigger an OS upgrade.