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Using email templates to send messages to users

You can use email templates to customize and personalize email messages that
BlackBerry UEM
sends to users for various reasons, including providing instructions for device activation, notifying users about compliance issues, and providing access keys for
BlackBerry Dynamics
You can personalize email messages by using variables for items like the user's name, email address, or activation password, and you can customize the appearance of messages by using different fonts, colors, and images. You can create multiple templates to use for different device types or activation types. You can edit the default email templates or you can create new templates.
When you perform various tasks in the management console (for example, adding a user, creating a compliance profile, and so on), you can select the email template that you want
to use to send a message to device users.
You can view the available default templates in the management console in Settings > General settings > Templates.