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PAC file considerations 

You should be aware of the following support considerations if you are using PAC files with 
BlackBerry Proxy
BlackBerry UEM
 supports the following PAC file directives:
  • PROXY (treated as HTTPS proxy - connection established using HTTP CONNECT)
  • HTTPS (connection established using HTTP CONNECT)
BlackBerry UEM
 doesn't support the following PAC file directives:
  • BLOCK (treated as DIRECT)
  • SOCKS (connection error will occur)
  • SOCKS4 (connection error will occur)
  • SOCKS5 (connection error will occur)
  • HTTP (connection error will occur)
  • Custom "NATIVE" directive defined by 
    BlackBerry Access
     (connection error will occur)
BlackBerry UEM
 has the following additional limitations for PAC files:
  • The dnsDomainIs function can't include the "_" and "*" characters.
  • The shExpMatch function can't include the expressions "[0-9]", "?", "/^d", or "d+"
  • The option to strip the path and query from the URI is not supported.
BlackBerry Proxy
 downloads and caches the PAC file to improve performance. The PAC cache is updated every 24 hours.
If a new PAC file is published and you need to update the cache immediately, you can navigate to 
Settings > Infrastructure  > BlackBerry Router and Proxy,
 expand the 
Global settings
 section, and click 
Update PAC cache