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Enabling onboarding

Onboarding allows you to automatically add user accounts to 
BlackBerry UEM
 based on user membership in a universal or global company directory group. User accounts are added to 
BlackBerry UEM
 during the synchronization process.
You can also choose to automatically send onboarded users an email message and activation passwords or access keys for 
BlackBerry Dynamics


If you enable onboarding, you can also choose to configure offboarding. When a user is disabled in 
Microsoft Active Directory
 or removed from all company directory groups in the onboarding directory groups, 
BlackBerry UEM
 can automatically offboard the user in any of the following ways:
  • Delete work data or all data from the users' devices
  • Delete the user account from 
    BlackBerry UEM
You can use offboarding protection to delay the deletion of device data or user accounts to avoid unexpected deletions because of directory replication latency. By default, offboarding protection delays offboarding actions for two hours after the next synchronization cycle. 
The offboarding settings also apply to existing directory users in 
BlackBerry UEM
. It is recommended that you click the preview icon to generate the directory synchronization report and verify the changes.


After you enable offboarding, during the next synchronization, the offboarding rules are applied to any users that you manually added in the management console before offboarding was turned on and that are not members of any onboarding directory-linked groups. 
After you enable onboarding, you can manually add users to 
BlackBerry UEM
 even if they are already in a directory-linked group. If offboarding is enabled, users that you manually add to 
BlackBerry UEM
 will have offboarding rules applied to their devices when the next synchronization occurs if they are not members of an onboarding synchronization group at the time of the synchronization.