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Creating and managing shared device groups

You can allow multiple users to share an
device and configure settings that are specific to each user or the same for all users. You can customize terms of use that users must accept to check out shared devices. A user can check out a device using local or
Microsoft Active Directory
authentication. When they are done using it, they can check it in and the device is available for the next user. Shared devices remain managed by
BlackBerry UEM
during the check-out and check-in process.
This feature was designed for supervised devices with the following configuration:
  • App lock mode enabled
  • VPP apps assigned
This feature does not support
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps. The same
BlackBerry Dynamics
profile must be assigned to the user account that owns the shared device group and also to the shared device group. You must verify that the "Enable
UEM Client
to enroll in
BlackBerry Dynamics
" option is not selected in the profile.