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BlackBerry UEM
 validates the user accounts .csv file

BlackBerry UEM
 validates the user accounts .csv file before, during, and immediately after it loads the .csv file and reports any errors that it encounters. 
The following are some of the errors that will prevent 
BlackBerry UEM
 from loading the .csv file:
  • An invalid file format or file extension 
  • No data in the file 
  • The number of columns does not match the number of headers in the file 
BlackBerry UEM
 encounters an error, it stops loading the file and displays an error message. You must correct the error and then reload the .csv file. 
After the .csv file is loaded, 
BlackBerry UEM
 displays a list of user accounts that will be imported and, if applicable, any directory user accounts that will not be imported as a result of an error (for example, a duplicate entry or invalid email address). You can do one of the following:
  • Cancel the operation, correct the errors, and then reload the .csv file. 
  • Continue and load the valid user accounts. The directory user accounts with errors are not loaded. You must copy and correct the directory user accounts that were not loaded in a separate .csv file. Otherwise, reloading the same .csv file will result in duplication errors for the user accounts that were successfully loaded. 
BlackBerry UEM
 performs a final validation on the imported user accounts just before it creates the user accounts to ensure that no errors have been introduced as the file was being imported (for example, another administrator created a user account just as a .csv file containing that same user account was being imported).