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Set up support for the
service in Non-trusted Application Mode

If you plan to support the
service configured for on-premises
Skype for Business
using Non-trusted Application Mode, you require the following:
Also note that the
Skype for Business
account and the
Microsoft Exchange
server must be in the same domain.
  1. Ensure that the following DNS names are added to the DNS server:
    • lyncdiscoverinternal.<domain>
    • lyncdiscover.<domain>
    For details, see:
  2. Add these FQDN names to the connectivity profile in the
    Additional Servers
    section. For more information on configuring the connectivity profile, see Configure BlackBerry Work connection settings.
  3. Ensure
    BlackBerry Work
    service entitlements are listed correctly in the Connectivity Profile > App Servers section, and configured to direct to the
    server. For more information, see Setting up network connections for BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  4. In the app configuration for
    BlackBerry Work
    , on the App settings tab, in the Presence Service section, select the
    Enable presence service
    option and choose
    Skype for Business On-Prem - Non-trusted Application Mode
    in the list. For more information about the app configuration, see Configure BlackBerry Work app settings.