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Configuring email classifications

You create email classifications by editing the .xml file on the Classification tab in the 
BlackBerry Work
 app configuration as described in Configure BlackBerry Work app settings.
When a user forwards or replies to an email message with classifications, 
BlackBerry Work
 maintains the classifications and allows the user to change them if allowed. Classifications can be added to the email Subject end, email TopBody, and email BottomBody, and classifications can be parsed from the email Subject end and email TopBody.
If you are using 
BlackBerry Work
 2.18 or later, you can create up to nine levels of classification. Levels can be configured as follows:
  • Levels can use multiple choice values. You can customize these values, including setting a value as the default or ordering them in a specific way.
  • Levels can have different parameters that determine how they are used or actions that occur when the value is selected. For example,you can specify a level as required.
  • Levels can have a relation between them. For example, a choice made in one level can disable to enable values in other levels.
To see an example of a multi-level email classification xml configuration, see Email classification sample .
If you are using versions of 
BlackBerry Work
 that are earlier than 2.18, two levels of classifications are supported (Classifications and Caveats). Classifications can be added to the subject, email TopBody and email BottomBody, but classifications can only be parsed from the email Subject.