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Request a connection

You can request a connection with an organization from the All organizations page. After you create connections, you must specify users that should be included in external searches. By default, users are excluded from external searches. For more information, see Create BBM Enterprise profiles in the BBM Enterprise Administration Guide for UEM.
  1. On the menu bar, click 
    Org Connect
    All organizations
  2. Search for the organization that you want to request a connection with. For instructions, see Search for an organization.
  3. In the search results, click 
    New connection
     beside the organization name.
  4. On the 
    Request a connection
     screen, in the 
     field, type a message. You can create a message or use the default text.
  5. In the 
    BBM Enterprise connection agreement
     section, select the check boxes beside the contact sharing agreements.
    You can specify whether only your organization's contacts are visible to to the invited organization, whether only the invited organization's contacts are visible to your organization, or whether contacts are visible to both organizations.
    If your organization's contacts are shared, 
    BBM Enterprise
     users in the connected organization can search for any 
    BBM Enterprise
     user in your company directory. This may include employees of other organizations that are members of the directory (for example, contract workers).
  6. Click 
After you send a connection request, the request appears in the organization's 
Org Connect
 mailbox, and the 
Org Connect
 owner and administrators receive an email notification. The connection request also appears in the sent items in your 
Org Connect