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Send a test notification

Before you send a notification using BlackBerry
UEM Notifications
, send a test notification.
This functionality is only available if you have a user account in the BlackBerry® AtHoc® management system.
  1. Log in to BlackBerry
    as an administrator.
  2. On the BlackBerry
    menu bar, click
  3. Click
    New notification
  4. On the
    New notification
    window, enter a title for your notification.
  5. Optionally, enter the content of your notification in the
  6. Select a severity from the
  7. In the
    Target recipients
    section, select
    Me (Send a test notification to myself)
  8. Select the delivery methods you want to use to send your notification.
  9. Click
    Send notification
    . A pop-up message appears that indicates the total number of groups and end users your notification will be sent to.
  10. Click
    Send now