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Simplify notifications to users

  • Single interface for messaging users and managing devices:
     This “single pane of glass” approach eliminates confusion and streamlines two functions: managing devices, and notifying users of important announcements.
  • Mobile device information identifies which users are affected:
     UEM Notifications leverages information collected from mobile devices to identify the specific users who need a given notification. This means there is less noise for the user, because each notification is relevant to them. This targeted approach means that users always know that the alerts they receive are reliable.
  • Improved end-to-end message workflow:
     Administrators can test and review messages before sending them broadly to ensure accuracy. 
  • Active Directory sync streamlines user data:
     Your company’s active directory contains all user data, including telephony, email, and user groups. UEM Notifications leverages contact information via an active directory sync to ensure notifications reach your users.
  • Supports text-to-speech (phone), email, and SMS notifications:
     Multiple delivery options enable UEM administrators to choose which methods are best for each type of message.
  • View message details and history:
     Track and manage notifications sent including detailed message status by delivery method.