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Send a notification from the
User Manager

If you are a
administrator, you can send a
notification from the
user manager.
You can send a notification to a maximum of 2000 users at a time. To send a notification to more than 2000 users, you must send multiple notifications or send the notification to a group as described in Send a notification. Groups can have up to 30,000 users.
  1. Log in to
    as an administrator.
  2. On the
    menu bar, click
    Managed devices
  3. Optionally, select one or more filters to narrow the list of available users.
  4. Select one or more users to send a notification to.
  5. Click Send a notification.
  6. On the
    New notification
    window, enter a title for your notification.
  7. Optionally, enter the content of your notification in the
  8. Select a severity from the
  9. Optionally, enter a URL in the
    Additional info link
    field if you want to include a link in your notification that your users can click to see more information about your notification.
  10. Select the delivery methods you want to use to send your notification. You can choose any combination of phone, email, or text messaging. The method selected must have attribute mapping settings configured in
    Additional devices may appear in the Delivery methods section, but notifications can be sent only to mapped phone, email and text messaging devices.
  11. Click
    Send notification
    . A pop-up message appears that indicates the total number of groups and end users your notification will be sent to.
  12. When you are certain that your notification and targeted groups are correct, click
    Send Now