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Enable the
BlackBerry Hub
app for
Android Enterprise

BlackBerry Hub
is an
app that allows users to view messages, notifications, and events in one spot.
To allow users with
Android Enterprise
devices to view both work and personal messages in
BlackBerry Hub
, you need to verify some settings in
BlackBerry UEM
  1. For the IT policy that is assigned to users, in the
    BlackBerry Productivity Suite
    section, verify that the
    Allow unified account view in BlackBerry Hub
    IT policy rule is selected.
  2. In the app configuration for
    BlackBerry Hub
    , verify that the following items are selected:
    • IPC across profiles
    • Access work content
For information about using the
BlackBerry Hub
on devices, such as adding an email account or customizing the
BlackBerry Hub
settings, see the BlackBerry Hub content.
For troubleshooting information, see KB 37721.