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Creating user accounts from a .csv file

You can import user accounts in a .csv file into 
BlackBerry UEM
 to create many user accounts at the same time. You can create the .csv file manually using the 
BlackBerry UEM
 sample .csv file, which is available for download from the Import tab in the Add a user window. 
Depending on your requirements, you can also specify group membership and activation settings for the user accounts by including the following columns in the .csv file:
Column Header 
Group membership
Assign one or more user groups to each user account.
Use a semicolon (;) to separate multiple user groups.
If you do not include the “Group membership” column, when you import the file, you are given the option to select the group that you want all of the imported user accounts added to. If you want to assign each user account to a specific user group, you use this column before you import the file.
BlackBerry UEM
Specify whether the user is enabled for MDM. To enable a user for MDM, type "Enabled".
Activation password
Enter the activation password. 
This value is required if the “Activation password generation” value is set to “manual.”
Activation template
Enter the name of the activation email template that you want to send to the user. If you do not specify a name, the default email activation template is used.
Activation password expiration
Enter the number of seconds the activation password exists before it expires.
Activation password generation
Enter one of the following:
  • Auto. The activation password is automatically created and sent to the user. 
  • Manual. The activation password is set in the "Activation password" column.
  • Ignore. No activation password is generated. 
If the value is left blank, the default is Auto.
Send activation email
Enter one of the following:
  • True. The activation email is sent to the user. 
  • False. The activation email is not sent to the user. 
If the “Activation password generation” is set to “Auto,” the activation email is sent to the user regardless of the value in this column. If the “Activation password generation” value is "Manual" and this value is empty, then the default is True. If the "Activation password generation" value is "Ignore", the user will not receive a self-service activation email.
User type
This column is required whenever the .csv file includes both local and directory user accounts. Enter one of the following:
  • L for local user accounts
  • D for directory user accounts
The entries are not case-sensitive.
Directory UID
(Optional) An alternative to entering the email address for directory user accounts. By default, the email address is used to validate the directory user accounts; however, you can specify that the directory UID be used instead. If the user account cannot be validated against the directory UID, an error is reported.
If you include a Directory UID value for one of your users, the column header must include Directory UID and all of the rows in the .csv file must include either a Directory UID or have an empty placeholder (,) for the Directory UID column.
To see an example of the .csv file, in the UEM administration console, click 
Users > All users > Add user > Import > Download sample .csv file