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Send commands to
Chrome OS

You can perform management actions on your organization’s
Chrome OS
devices such as view device report, disable, and enable devices.
  1. Click a user that has a device running
    Chrome OS
  2. In the
    Manage device
    area, click on a command.
    View device report
    This command displays detailed information about a device. You can export and save the device report on your computer.
    View device actions
    This command displays any actions that are in progress on a device.
    Disable device
    This command disables the device. Note that the user cannot re-enable the device after an administrator has disabled it. The administrator must re-enable it. (retiring_device)
    Enable device
    This command enables the device. (enable)
    Delete all device data
    This command deletes all user information and app data that the device stores and returns the device to factory default settings. (retiring_device)
    Delete only work data
    This command deletes work data and deprovisions the device. (same_model_replacement)
    Remove device
    This command deprovisions the device. (retiring_device)